Online promotion service for cavistes

Open your online wine store in just 1 day and begin to attract customers from different regions and countries

Without financial investments
Without learning the code
24/7 support
Benefits of online promotion for cavistes
Process automation – the customer can see the up-to-date catalog of wine on the website without calls or trips
Business upscaling – opportunities for access to markets of other regions and countries, as well as brand development
Sales increase – SEO and promotional campaigns bring interested visitors
Risk distribution – even in case of a decrease in page views of your store, sales still can grow
Problems of most solutions for online store creation
Initial investments into development of an online store using a popular management system amount to €3,000-5,000.
Creation of a website on eCommerce platforms, its support and development demand dozens of hours of your time.
In both case, you will have to personally develop positioning and marketing strategy, fill the website with content and choose promotion tools. In addition, you need either to be actively involved on a daily basis, or to hire a marketing specialist for €300-700 per month. is a service for online promotion of caviste business
Instead of a simple online store with the catalog of your products, you get an opportunity for full-scale online promotion. You're an expert in wines, and we know exactly how to promote your business online. We are familiar with European wine market, know its problems and demands, positioning options, and sales channels.
Launch your online store within 1 day for free and for an unlimited period
All you need to do is to talk to our specialist for 30 minutes to present your suggestions, discuss goals and tasks.
Our specialists will perform all required settings, launch the website and fill it with your goods and information.
Advantages of
€0 launch
Get your own online store without investments and use it for an unlimited period of time without payment.
You get monthly reports with detailed statistics, as well as recommendations on improving efficiency of the website.
Resolve any issues 7 days a week – our specialist will review your request and respond to it within 24 hours.
You choose promotion channels, after which we launch SEO and promo campaigns, and you get page views and customers.
We launch the online store on your domain and hosting within 24 hours from discussion of details.
Store in 24 hours
Launch your online store in 1 day without investments
  • 7 days per week
  • response from our specialist within 24 hours
5 stage
  • Setting of basic tools for SEO promotion
  • Integration of analytics on the website
  • Provision of monthly reports on website statistics
4 stage
  • Updating costs and availability of products once per month
3 stage
  • Pages with your information (Home / About Us / Contacts / 403 / 404)
  • Catalog for 100 items with sorting and filtering Setting up of your contact form
2 stage
  • Assistance in procurement of the domain and hosting
  • Setting and launch of the website on your hosting
  • Mobile version of the website
  • Adaptation of the color pattern for your brand
1 stage
Submit an application for free launch of your online store is a service for online promotion of caviste business
From a basic product catalog to a large-scale online sales platform with its own community of wine lovers in several clicks
Addition of new products in unlimited quantities.
Development of logo, unique design, graphic materials.
Creation of additional pages with your information.
Creation of the mobile version of the site for viewing from different devices.
English, German, French, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian.
Payment for purchases with bank card or e-money via secure protocols.
Personal account
Purchase history, personal discounts, favorite goods – all in the same place.
Accounting system
Shelf stock in store/at the warehouse, prices, synchronization with the website.
CRM system
Creation of the funnel, collection and analysis of customer data, sales automation.
Promo campaigns
Preparation and posting of materials, setting of promo campaigns on the website.
Integration of mailing service, communication applications, comments.
Gathering of statistics on page views, number of orders and other important information.
Dozens of other modules and technical solutions for implementation of the necessary functions on your website. You connect and pay for only the functions you really need.
The website is created on the basis of Open Source code. You can use any third party developers for its maintenance.
How to start online promotion of your store today
Leave an application to view demo version of the website and get a consultation from our specialist
Our key goal is to create perfect conditions for online promotion of your business. You don't have to study programming, look for marketing specialists, spend time for launch of advertising campaigns or analyze statistics. All you need to do is review suggestions from our specialists and check the results of work. Our specialists will do the rest for you.
Share your suggestions, goals and tasks with our specialist
Assess basic opportunities of the store on the example of a demo website
Get access to your online store within 24 hours
Start promoting your business and attracting customers with our help